Gifts to Penn Athletics in Action

Gifts to Penn Athletics from alumni, family, and friends are hard at work supporting our student-athletes. Hear from them how your support has made an impact on their student-athlete experience! 


Joe Miller, W'22, Baseball

"To be a part of the Penn Baseball team and Penn community has been a great privilege. The continued support from our alumni and donors has further enriched this experience.”



Jackson Donahue, C'19, Men's Basketball

"The experiences that Penn Basketball has given me are truly unmatched. From the on-court achievements to the familial bond, I have enjoyed every moment and will cherish these memories forever."





Raymond Chen, W'19, Men's Fencing

"Being a member of Penn Fencing has been a fantastic experience. With the support of my teammates and coaches, I’ve grown as an athlete, a student, and an individual."




Katelyn Mark, N’21, Field Hockey

"Penn Field Hockey has provided me with the opportunity to pursue the unimaginable. My coaches, teammates, and the alumni have supported my endeavors as a student-athlete on the field and in the nursing program." 



Sam Philippi, C'19, Football

“Competing on the Penn Football team representing Penn Athletics and the University is both an honor and a privilege. I'm forever grateful for the overwhelming support from our alumni.”





Christina Park, W'20, Women's Golf

“Being part of the Penn Golf family has been a privilege that I have cherished. It pushes me to strive for my best in representing Penn in academics and in competitions and has given me valuable lessons in perseverance and leadership.”




Allison Frommer, C'21, Gymnastics

“Competing for the Penn Gymnastics team has been an amazing experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Penn while earning a world-class education.”




Reed Junkin, C'19, Men's Lacrosse

"Playing lacrosse at Penn has given me the tools and opportunities to succeed both on and off the field. Every staff member, coach, and teammate has been supportive of my individual goals and our team goals." 




Peter Blumenstein, ENG'19, Lightweight Rowing

"Rowing for Penn has been an amazing experience – enabling me to grow as a student, as an athlete, but, most importantly, as a person.”




Matt Piegza, W'21, Heavyweight Rowing

"Rowing at Penn has been an incredible experience. It has given me the opportunity to receive a world-class education while competing alongside lifelong friends in the sport I love."






Chase Geffert, C'21, Women's Soccer

"The experience that Penn Soccer offers is so unique. There has never been a moment where I don't feel the support of the Penn Soccer community; they make my experience as a student-athlete that much better."




Jennifer Brann, W'20, Softball

"Playing softball at Penn has given me opportunities to grow as a person and pursue opportunities that I never even dreamt possible.”




Eddie Jenkins, C'20, Sprint Football

“Deciding to play sprint football at Penn was one of the best decisions I've ever made. This team and this university have helped me develop so much as both a player and a person.”




Andrew Douglas, C'21, Men's Squash

“Being a student-athlete at Penn on the squash team has been an amazing experience. I'm grateful for the opportunity to represent my team and my school. I feel lucky to represent such a diverse and passionate group of people.”




Kaitlin Stearns, C'20, Women's Swimming & Diving

"Swimming at Penn has given me the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level, while also receiving a world-class education. I am grateful to represent Penn as a student-athlete."




Dmitry Shatalin, ENG'20 GEN'21, Men's Tennis

"The Penn Tennis team has been a major part of my personal development. It has taught me to fight, to respect and most importantly to listen. Thank you, Penn!"





Calvary Rogers, C'19, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country

"Penn Track and Field has given me the opportunity and tools to keep pushing myself to reach my full potential as an athlete, as a student, and as a leader.”





Kylie Kulinski, NU'22 W'22, Volleyball

“Penn Volleyball allows me the opportunity to grow on and off the court and has given me relationships that will last a lifetime.” 




Carmen Ferrante, C'22, Wrestling

“Being a student-athlete on the wrestling team at Penn has allowed me to grow as a young man and develop championship qualities.”