PHILADELPHIA - For the most part, successful baseball pitchers are cool customers. But the pressures of D1 athletics combined with Ivy League academics, and the need to plan for life after college can be challenging. Luckily, Penn athletes have help - alumni from their sport who have been through it before. 
Jake Sadowitz (W'20) was paired with Craig Carnaroli (W'85), Executive Vice President for the University of Pennsylvania. 
"At first, I was not sure who Craig was other than the fact that every now and then I saw an email from him with regards to things at Penn" relates Jake, "But after our first meeting, I knew he would be there for me and help push me to be the best possible person I could be, both on and off the field." 
The pair talk frequently and catch up after every game the baseball team plays. 
For his part, Carnaroli enjoys the relationship. "Jake totally 'wowed' me. He is a mature, easy going young man with big ambitions supported by a keen intellect." 
It also helps the Executive VP better understand the experience of today's Penn student-athletes. "It has, after all, been 33 years since I sat in a Penn classroom," confides Carnaroli. 
The pairing suits Sadowitz as well. "Craig is more like a friend who cares about my future. He has been through it before, allowing him to point me in the right direction." The results of the mentorship shows as well. "My grades have increased and Craig has motivated me to explore new areas," shares the pitcher. 
The relationship has also helped produce a summer internship at PNC Financial Services for Sadowitz, who is studying finance. Longer term, the pair have discussed graduate school options. 
"Craig has gone out of his way to make sure that I maximize my experiences and opportunities at Penn. I can't thank him enough," says Sadowitz. 
Despite the success for mentor and mentee, there are limits to the relationship. "Jake likes the Mets and I like the Phillies," says Carnaroli, "May the better team win."